Monday, September 12, 2011

Health Benefits of Gouda Cheese - Enjoy Cheese Again!

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Add Gouda to your daily diet.
Did you know that Gouda Cheese and other hard cheeses, such as Jarlsburg and Edam cheese are actually good for your heart? After years of avoiding cheese for it's high cholesterol content, eating just two slices a day of a hard cheese like Gouda can increase your intake of Vitamin K2, which protects you from hardening of the arteries.

Those two slices of Gouda or other hard cheese will also cut your risk of getting any type of cancer, but it is especially effective against lung cancer and prostate cancer.

Vitamin K2 also helps protect you from osteoporosis.

Why Vitamin K2 Works

Vitamin K2 helps the calcium in your body end up where it belongs, which is in your bones, not in your blood, where it can block arteries. Calcification, or calcium in the body in the wrong place also causes bone spurs, which are very painful.

Besides hard cheese such as Gouda, you can get vitamin K2 in cultured or fermented veggies or cultured products like kefir, which contain beneficial probiotic bacteria - the "good bacteria." To get the proper amount of Vitamin K2, add probiotics or cultured products to your daily diet. This helps you to have a healthy GI tract, good digestion and better absorption of nutrients from the food you eat.

Antibiotics, sugar, processed and fast food all interfere with the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria and as a result, impair vitamin K absorption and production in the intestines.

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In her book, The Body Ecology Diet, Donna Gates explains the benefits of eating cultured food products and offers recipes and background information on the acid/alkaline diet, which keeps us young and healthy all of our lives. With Body Ecology's Kefir starter, you can make your own Kefir at home quickly and easily and save money too!

So enjoy the benefits of Gouda cheese by adding a couple of slices to your daily menu, along with cultured vegetables or kefir. It's one easy step on the Path2HealthyLiving.

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