Friday, September 2, 2011

Mind Body Blast - Six Week Health and Fitness Program

Would you like to look and feel better in just six weeks? I'm excited to participate in Luci Gabel's Mind Body Blast, an upcoming online health and fitness program which begins September 26. The two things everybody needs when starting on a health and fitness program is motivation and information. Luci's program will provide all this and more so I'm looking forward to being healthier by the end of the program.

One thing I've always thought important is that you can make small healthy changes over time, stick with them, and be healthier in the long run as opposed to starting some fad diet or excessive workout routine, only to drop it a week or month down the road. The idea of making healthy changes in your life is to realize that in the process you're giving up your old unhealthy ways and embracing something new, different and better. In the end you'll likely lose weight, feel more energetic and be much healthier.

The Mind Body Blast is the creation of Luci Gabel, who has an impressive array of fitness certifications, as well as master’s degree in exercise physiology from the University of Maryland (UMD) and a master’s in business management from John Hopkins’ University. Luci also has an extensive nutrition background. All of this points to the fact that her health and fitness program is based on sound research and not fad diets or workouts.

This six week health and fitness program includes:
  • Your own health and fitness coach so you can ask questions, get advice and stay motivated. There will be 7 conference calls of about 30 minutes each to keep you in contact with Luci.
  • There will be seven podcasts, filled with information, which you can watch to suit your own schedule. Keep these podcasts long after the class is over too!
  • Six exercise videos to help you get the most from your workouts in the least amount of time.
  • Supplemental reading to to re-enforce the healthy new habits you'll learn about on the conference calls.
  • You get access for six weeks to a private, members-only forum to discuss anything you like about your challenges, get motivation and advice.

On Luci Gabel's website, you'll find a great list of articles she's written on health and fitness, as well as a free 20 minute workout video with a total body workout you can do pretty much anywhere. You can also sign up for 6 weeks of mind/body fitness tips delivered right to your email.

This six week health and fitness program with Luci Gabel begins September 26 and ends November 7. There is still time to sign up at the early bird rate. 

If you've always wanted your own personal health and fitness coach, now is the time to get more information on the Mind Body Blast with Luci Gabel.

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