Friday, January 13, 2012

Brown Seaweed for Weightloss and Health

My favorite brown seaweed
I've written about the benefits of brown seaweed before but I recently learned it's also good for weigh loss. I pick up many weight loss tips from Dr. Oz and the other day he recommended brown seaweed.

Brown Seaweed and Weight Loss

Brown seaweed and weight loss were studied in Japan in 2006. Science Daily reports on the seaweed nutrient, fucoxanthin, which appears to reduce fat accumulation.

Health Benefits of Brown Seaweed

Besides aiding weight loss, brown seaweed is being researched for it's anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory abilities. Brown seaweed nourishes the thyroid so is important for those with thyroid conditions, like my husband.

Brown seaweed also improves the hair and nails. My husband was just noticing the other day that his nails were much stronger than they had been. One symptom of thyroid condition is brittle nails so if his nails are getting stronger, then his thryroid is being nourished as well.

Brown seaweed also boosts the immune system and helps lower cholesterol. Since cholesterol is another issue my husband is working on at present, we'll see how the brown seaweed affects his results on the next blood test.

Radioactivity exposure has been in the news since Japan's tsunami and brown seaweed contains Alginate, which naturally absorbs radioactive material, as well as other heavy metals we may be exposed to in our daily life. Brown seaweed also absorbs the free radicals in our body which age us and cause health issues as we get older.

One thing you have to be careful of when buying brown seaweed supplements is their purity. Since seaweed comes from the ocean, there is a chance of heavy metal contamination, unless it is taken from pure ocean waters.

I've researched several brands of brown seaweed and the two I recommend as being the most pure are Body Ecology's Ocean Plant Extract, available on the Body Ecology website and Mo
and Modiflan, 100% pure kombu extract, which is available on

Both of these brands of brown seaweed contain an ocean vegetable called  Laminaria japonica and they come from a very pure source.

If you decide to try brown seaweed for weight loss and health, check the bottle for instructions. Most advise 3-6 capsules first thing in the morning with a glass of water. Be sure and check your source for purity. This is one place you don't want to skimp on quality. Dr. Oz recommended at least 500mg per day of brown seaweed to reduce belly fat and promote weight loss.

If you are trying to reduce belly fat or lose weight, brown seaweed might be worth a try, especially since it also offers many other health benefits as well.

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Be sure and check your source for purity.
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