Thursday, January 12, 2012

Want to Lose Belly Fat? Give Safslim a Try

Like many of you, I saw the Safslim Diet on Dr. Oz's show with Montel Williams. Montel was so impressed with his results in getting rid of belly fat, he offered to become a spokesperson for the safflower oil product. Safslim is available on Amazon and other health food outlets. I ordered 2 bottles so my husband and I could try it for a month.

What I got from reviews is that Safslim works wonderfully to reduce belly fat for many people but some do get a digestive upset from it or don't like the taste so they quit taking it after one or two doses. I personally felt Safslim was worth a try after hearing what Montel Williams and Dr. Oz had to say. So far, my husband and I have liked the taste of the berry flavor and have had no upsets in our digestion.

Dr. Oz does not endorse Safslim but he did have his experts look at the product, as well as the idea that safflower oil can help reduce belly fat. The jury is out on safflower oil, however some of his experts did think it could work.

The directions say to use Safslim for one month for best results that's what we're doing and I'll report back on one month on my results. Safslim is made from non-GMO, expeller pressed, high-linoleic safflower oil.

Other ways to get Safflower oil are in sunflower seeds, which we've started eating as a snack and on salads, and safflower oil. I don't want to give up my coconut oil and olive oil so haven't purchased any safflower oil but that's an alternative to Safslim also.

Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, wraps around your internal organs and increases your chances of heart attack and stroke, cancer, diabetes and other major illnesses. If Safslim works, then it is well worth the money to reduce this belly fat.


jack said...

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Anonymous said...

Curious to hear your's been over a month. Did this work as expected?

fxsunny said...

Curious to hear your results. Did this work as expected?

Joan Jones said...

Thanks for all the comments! My husband and I have both been using Safslim for the 12 week period recommended. I have to say, I have lost some belly fat and so has my husband, but not as much as I have.

I would recommend combining it with a healthy diet and exercise. I've been doing that and I think it works better that way.