Monday, March 31, 2008

Miessence Organic Skin Care

I've always been very careful about the products I promote. I want them to be as natural as possible, organic if possible, and the company has to be honest in its dealings and have great customer service. I prefer promoting products I actually use, as opposed to signing up with some company just to make money. A company I promote has to fit into my overall concept of promoting health and wellness, which is what I do on my health website.

Recently, I found a company whose mission is very similar to my own-promoting the use and importance of organics. This company is ONEGroup which sells Miessence, MiVitality and MiEnviron which are all organic products for your skin, hair, body and home. Not only can you purchase products on the site but there each product offers a complete list of organic ingredients so you know exactly what you are getting when you're shopping.

ONEGroup also offers education on what the organic movement is and why organics are important .There is a great list of potentially toxic ingredients contained in most health and beauty products so you can check the products you are currently purchasing.

What led me to ONEGroup was an article I was writing about the toxic ingredients in toothpaste. When I checked the toothpaste I was using which was supposed to be "all natural", I discovered several ingredients in it that I didn't want to be using!

As much as possible, I stick to organics in the food I eat and the products I use so ONEGroup seemed a perfect fit for my lifestyle and my beliefs.

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