Monday, March 31, 2008

Nature's Inventory - Safe, Natural Remedies

Nature's Inventory offers pure, natural essential oils which can be used as natural remedies for so many things! They have about 100 wellness oils available. Can't sleep? There is a safe, natural essential oil you can just rub on your neck and you sleep like a baby. Are you stressed out? Have high blood pressure? Essential oils can help you with none of the side effects you can get when using medications.

Check out these great natural remedies

Nature's Inventory is a company owned and run by women, the customer service is terrific and they have a quality product with is reasonably priced. Not to mention they often have sales! They aren't an MLM and there is no "downline" concept. I love the idea of natural remedies for things like insomnia, high blood pressure, restless leg syndrome and others.


One thing I love about Nature's Inventory is that they have specials all the time. Here are a few:

Nature's Inventory always offers free shipping on orders over $35.

The "oil of the week". Each week 2-3 different oils are featured for $10 each.

Other sales like the "Just ten bucks" sales where each and every oil is only $10.

Plus many more.

Once you sign up as a Nature's Inventory Customer, email updates on sales and specials comes right to your inbox.

Contact me at for current specials.

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