Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Holy Tea Recipe Book Review

Dr Miller's Holy Tea - 1 Month SupplyI recently sent for a terrific little book "Savory Herbal Cookery" by Deborah Barnes. I'd read that you could dry the Holy Tea bags and use the loose tea in recipes but had no idea how much to use or in what recipes. This book answered my questions.

Holy Tea is a gentle, safe detox tea that can be used daily - AND once you drink the tea, you can dry the tea bags and use Holy Tea in recipes for continued detoxing. It's easy to do.

Deborah's book offers 56 pages of recipes, useful tips and how-to's for Holy Tea, including exactly how to make it, how to increase its detoxing effects and all about why you need to keep well hydrated by drinking lots of water. There are also recipes to use with the brewed, liquid Holy Tea.

Deborah's Holy Tea Recipe Book offers recipes for:
  • drinks like Fresh Ginger Holy Tea Zing!
  • Veggies like Sweet Potato Fries and Scrumptious Pilaf
  • Chili and Chicken Recipes
  • Breakfast recipes like Morning Muffs and Poached Eggs a la Deborah
  • Smoothie and Oatmeal recipes
  • and more.
Most of the recipes call for 1-2 tea bags of dried Holy Tea.

Try Holy Tea for one week or one month, without "joining" anything. Order today through Amazon.com

Dr Miller's Holy Tea - Detox, Weight Loss, Intestinal Cleanse

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teacupmama said...

Hi I am leaving for Germany this Tuesday the 12th and I just started on my Holy tea. I do not want to give it up for the 2 weeks I am away and go back to laxitives but I will be in the air for 11 hours then in a hotel for 2 days then moving by train to different destinations staying here and there 2 days at a time...can i store the tea in a ss thermos or will the metal leach into the tea and do you have any recommendations on how to do tea when traveling and not in one place very long???