Friday, June 6, 2008

Just in Time for Summer - How I Lost 10 Pounds This Spring

I practice the 80/20 rule in my life. For 80% of the time, I try to eat right, exercise daily, take my vitamins and keep my weight down. Still, that 20% can derail the best of intentions in the weight department! Over Christmas, we had a house full of people visiting, complete with family dinners, lots of goodies and, being busy, not much time to exercise.

Couple that with starting some new projects that kept me glued to the computer chair in January and February, I discovered in March that I could stand to lose a few pounds. Especially since my daughter is getting married in Mexico at the end of June and I needed to pick out a swimsuit - something I hadn't done in years!

Here was my plan:
  • I started an exercise class at the local Y
  • I went back to taking my CLA - a natural supplement that helps get rid of belly fat.
  • I stepped up my daily walk by about 15 minutes a day
  • I started using Holy Tea - a natural detox. Toxins are trapped in your body in fat cells so when you lose weight, the fat cells dissolve and the toxins are released so detox is very important.
  • I checked my diet to see where I could improve.
Shakeology is a super nutrition program which contains whole superfoods and:
  • minerals
  • vitamins
  • enzymes
  • probiotics
  • antioxidants
  • amino acids
  • essential fatty acids
  • phytonutrients
  • fiber
  • 70 nutrient dense concentrates from fresh, live whole foods

Feed your body whole, nutritious foods and watch the pounds come off. I've been on Shakeology for about a month and lost my first 5 pounds without even trying. I feel more energy, more focused and healthier.

If you need to lose 10 pounds this spring so you look great for summer, try Dr Miller's Holy Tea and Shakeology together and you'll be looking and feeling great in no time!

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