Friday, July 11, 2008

Don't Have Time to Eat Healthy?

You know how you enter the grocery store on a dead run after a busy day at work, maybe with your kids in tow, or maybe on your way to pick them up from school or daycare? You're tired, frazzled and stressed out. You KNOW you should pick up something healthy to eat but one look at all those veggies and all you can think is "A salad will take WAY too long to fix and the kids won't eat it anyway."

So you grab a frozen pizza and head out the door. You feel guilty but you promise yourself you'll sit down this weekend and plan some healthy, nutritious menus and do some real shopping.

Does this sound like your life? Even if you're married with no kids or single, life is hurried and stressful, leaving little time for elegant menu planning or putting together healthy salads. You end up with no energy and perhaps getting constant colds and flu from a lowered immune system or maybe even suffering from some more serious health problem like fibromyalgia or diabetes.

Many, if not all, health problems are related to life style choices. Eating healthier each and every day protects you from illness and disease and, if you are suffering from health issue right now, good nutrition can improve most any condition.

So now you're convinced you need to improve your nutrition but what can you do? You'll always be busy and stressed out, plus fresh fruits and veggies, especially organic, are not always in the budget.

I had exactly the same problems. I worked, I had a teen age daughter who didn't want to eat right, a husband with high blood pressure and high blood sugar, and I was overweight and out of sorts. What I discovered is that by starting our day with a green tea smoothie, filled with natural, whole food products, we could start our day with all the nutrition we needed for living a healthier life, even if we didn't always find time to eat perfectly at other times.

For convenience and our budget, I've discovered that Uri Life's The Feast and Beyond Berries beat all other products out there. I've tried Sunrider products and Juice Plus in the past but I've found The Feast and Beyond Berries to be cost effective, high quality products that supply everything we need in our diets. The Feast even contains miracle chia seeds.

Try a sample of Uri Life's The Feast and Beyond Berries

These two whole food powders are tasty in smoothies or just mixed in water or juice. Your kids will love them too and you won't have to worry about their nutrition any more. My daughter even makes her green tea smoothie with The Feast and Beyond Berries while she's at college. She's never gotten any of the colds and flu that runs through the campus and which lays all her friends low.

If you'd like more info on the unbeatable nutrition offered by the Feast and Beyond Berries, Click here.

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