Monday, June 15, 2009

Self-Healing - Is It Possible to Create Good Health?

I believe in self-healing and I write many articles encouraging people to try alternative therapies like yoga, meditation, positive thoughts, vitamins and herbs. Recently, I had to admit I was not following my own self-healing advice.

About two years ago, I started having a tingling sensation throughout my entire body. It was as if my body was falling asleep. My arms and legs tingled, even my face and mouth tingled. It was ever present, although it seemed less in the mornings.

I did the practical things to find out the cause of this strange illness. I went to the doctor and then to a neurologist, who did some tests. I had no nerve damage and he couldn't find a cause. I even tried a medication, although I am against taking medications generally, but it didn't help. He told me "If you know it won't kill you, maybe you'll relax and it will go away."

I tried acupuncture, which helped while I was undergoing treatments but the tingling returned later. I tried chiropractics too, which seemed to ease the tingling in my arms but didn't help the rest of me.

It didn't. I changed doctors and the new one sent me for a second opinion on the tingling. The second doctor didn't do any tests but he did say that my symptoms didn't fit any of the illnesses he usually dealt with and he said, "You may never know the cause of the tingling sensation."

Lately the tingling seemed to become worse, which in turn stressed me out. So was the stress making it worse or was I stressed because it really WAS worse? The tingling did improve whenever I was proactively doing anything to improve it, such as acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments so was it just something I created in my own mind?

For me to have these physical problems, with no known cause or cure, is very ironic to me. I've always told people to be proactive toward their health and I believe we can create good health with our thoughts. Why was this not working for me then?

I decided that, although I eat a very nutritional diet, I drink Calli Tea to detox daily and I exercise daily, I wasn't trying other things like meditation, EFT and other self-healing principles. I had tried these off and on but never really stuck with them to see if it would ultimately ease the tingling sensations.

I've been listening to Louise Hay's great CD Self-Healing which is helping me to change my thoughts to help me back to good health.

I believe, as Louise Hay says, that I created this dis-ease for some reason and it's up to me to bring myself back to perfect health. I am willing to release the pattern in me that has created this condition. I acknowledge my own power - both to create the problem and to take my power back and create health.

I've been taking a yoga class for about 2 months but recently had to skip nearly 3 weeks when I went on vacation. Did I feel stiff and ungainly! Now I'm back to the yoga again, which includes some meditation. I am also meditating on my own for 15 minutes a day.

I would like to hear from others who may be suffering from a tingling sensation throughout their bodies. I've read forums and there are many people out there who also can't find a cause or cure for this. I'll keep readers posted on how my own self-healing is going.

Update to this blog entry: I recently discovered another helpful program for self-healing - The Silva Method of Mind Body Healing which includes meditations and other methods to learn to control your thoughts and create good health. I will also be blogging about this process as I go through it.

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Tina said...

I too have tingling all over my body. It started 10 yrs ago, but was located in face and arm only. I had tests for stroke and Ms and both came back negative. In the last few months, it radiated all over my body including back, feet, legs, etc..I have not seen a neurologist lately, but plan on doing so. I can understand how annoying this was for you.