Monday, July 20, 2009

New Ebook on Releasing the Pain of Fibromyalgia

Do you suffer from fibromyalgia but you'd like some natural solutions and remedies, instead of taking drugs for relief? A friend of mine, Lisa Klein Weber, has written a great new ebook, The Weber Method to Release Fibromyalgia Naturally

In her ebook on fibromyalgia relief, Lisa goes into the known causes of fibromyalgia, physical and mental techiniqes to calm your nervous system and supplements that are good for healing your body from fibro. There are also sections on controlling your blood sugar and how it affects your fibro symtpoms and body work for healing.

Lisa also shares her own action plan for healing fibromyalgia pain, what worked and what didn't. Then she helps you develop your own action plan.

Lisa's ebook is 52 pages chock full of vital information if you're looking for natural, drug free things you can do to heal your fibromyalgia pain. for a limited time, she's selling the ebook for only $19.97.

Lisa's Release Fibromyalgia Blog offers you a chance to ask questions, sign up for her free newsletter and read more information on fibromyalgia.

If you suffer from this illness, which is painful and debilitating, do yourself a favor and investigate the natural remedies that are out there for fibro. Take control of your life and your health and empower yourself to self-healing.

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