Monday, January 4, 2010

100 Healthy Living Tips #19 - 4 Week Whole Body Action Plan

Would you like to eat healthier, reach your ideal weight, improve your fitness and energy level and reduce stress? Try this 4 Week Whole Body Action Plan to help you achieve those healthy living goals for the new year.

I've been taking the magazine Body + Soul for about 5 years and every issue gives me great information on health for mind, body and spirit. This month, Body + Soul is offering up their 4 Week Whole Body Action Plan to help you be a better you in just 4 weeks. Registration is required but it's free and you also get an email newsletter if you'd like to receive it.

The 4 Week Whole Body Action Plan includes:

Week One: Purify + Assess - Prepare to cleanse and assess your fitness level right now. You start a journal to help you during the process. Gives detoxing and cleansing meals to eat this week and directions for beginning the 4 week plan.

Week Two: Dive In - Eat veggies, observe eating patterns, get moving and breathe. Offers tips for beginners and advanced, weightloss tips, breathing exercises, meditation for beginners and more.

Week Three: Amp It Up! Plan for nutrition, mindful eating, exercise, stress relief.

Week Four: Create Lasting Change - How to stay the course, become a conscious consumer, keep your exercise and stress relief program going.

The Action Plan also offers recipes and fitness exercises and tips.

Many of us have health, fitness and weightloss goals for the New Year. The Whole Body Action Plan can help put you on your way in just four weeks.

Whole Body Action Play

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