Thursday, January 7, 2010

Best Brands of Protein Bar

Protein bars are available in dozens of brands but which is the best? How do you choose the best protein bar? A protein bar is only as healthy as it's list of ingredients so begin by reading the label. Check the grams of sugar, fiber and protein. For more information on reading protein bar labels, visit my website, There I list exactly what you want to include in a protein bar and which ingredients to avoid.

Here are the best protein bars, which passed the label reading, ingredient test:

Zero Impact Pro Pumpkin Bar, 12 bar. Zero Impact offer sugars with a minimal impact on blood sugars, qualtiy protein and essential fats, plus CLA which helps reduce body fat, especially unwanted belly fat.

Supreme Protein-Carb Conscious Quadruple Layer Protein Bar. This great tasting protein bar offers 30 gms of high quality whey protein, plus flax seed oil, vitamins and minerals and no fat.

Worldwide Sport Nutrition Pure Protein Protein Revolution High Protein Triple Layer Bar, Chocolate Peanut Caramel. The Worldwide sport Pure Protein Bar offers 31 gms of protein, 3 gms of sugar and zero trans fats (unwanted hydrogentated oils).

Power Crunch Triple Chocolate. This quality protein bar contains whey protein which absorbs quickly, added minerals and only 200 calories.

All of these delicious protein bars contain quality ingredients to help you lose or maintain your weight and they come in many flavors to fit every taste.

For more information on high protein diets, protein and weightloss visit WebMD

For more healthy weightloss tips, visit my website

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Thanks...these are saviors when you don';t have the time to even have breakfast.can carry them in the bus and have it while going to office.