Monday, April 4, 2011

Earn Extra Income Motivating Others as a Fitness Coach

Are you passionate about fitness? Do you need extra income? These days everyone could use some extra money. The field of fitness coaching is growing as more and more people are interested in losing weight, being fit and working out. It's easy to become fitness coach with Beach Body and, besides the added income, there are many advantages for you personally as well. What could be more motivating to your own fitness program than to be building a business and helping others reach their own fitness goals at the same time?

What are the Advantages of Becoming a Team Beach Body Fitness Coach?
  • You get a 25% discount on all Beach Body products purchased for your own use, like Shakeology and the PX90 fitness program. Besides these, did you know that Beach Body products include special programs for yoga even a work out to chart topping gospel songs. There is something for everyone.
  • You can be your own boss as a fitness coach, working part time or full time to build your business.
  • Being a Beach Body fitness coach has a very low start up fee. You decide if you'd like to include a Beach body workout program of your choice.
  • Beach Body offers extensive training on how to build your business, as well as a personal fitness website for both Shakeology and Beach Body fitness programs and coaching.
  • Beach Body products are sought after national brands with name recognition.
  • There is a very low start up fee-Under $40
I was introduced to Beach Body products when my daughter joined Team Beach Body as a fitness coach. Granted, she is much younger than I am, but I saw the potential for building a business among baby boomers, who want to stay young looking and fit. I ordered the Shakeology program, and the Yoga Booty Ballet and Slim in 6 program. I'll be talking about those and my progress in the program in future articles.

Joining Team Beach Body as a fitness coach includes a Business Starter Kit and and easy to follow system for building your business. You can also decide if you'd rather focus on selling products or finding others who also want to be fitness coaches - or you can focus on both.

Are you looking for motivation to work out, lose weight and feel better yourself? There is no better motivation than helping others with fitness coaching. Share the Beach Body products you use and why you like them. The Beach Body membership area, which you will have access to, contains meal plans and delicious recipes, tracking of your personal fitness and health goals, forums and work out buddies.

What are your personal fitness goals? Is it being healthier? Losing Weight? Losing inches? Join the conversations and find out what's working for other people. Try one of the Beach Body fitness programs and when your friends tell you how great you're looking, it will give you a chance to promote your Beach Body business.

As a Team Beach Body fitness coach, you will have access to all this and you'll be helping others by letting them know about all the benefits of using these great fitness product and programs.

If you're looking for a fulfilling way to make extra income and you have an interest in fitness, now is the time to join Team Beach Body. The company is set to grow and this is a ground floor opportunity to be in on that growth.

Reach to be a Team Beach Body Fitness Coach? Ready to become a Team Beach Body Fitness Coach?If you have any questions, contact me and I'll do my best to get you the answers.

Perhaps you'd like to check out the free membership first and see what Beach Body has to offer.

Being a fitness coach is a very rewarding, fulfilling way to earn extra income. Motivate others reach their health and fitness goals with training from Beach Body, a leader in health and fitness programs.

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