Monday, April 18, 2011

Source Farm Foundation Establishes Raw Food Kids....Jamaica

Guest Post by Dwight Shirley about Raw Food Kids...Jamaica

Jamaica the land of wood and water. Also a tropical island with a 12 month growing season. Fresh mangoes, coconut, papayas, pineapple jackfruit, otaheite apples, yams and banana are part of the bounty of which the island offers . Why then are children eating candy, cool aid and cheese curls for breakfast? Why does Lunch consist of curry chicken back and white rice…where are the vegetables and natural juices?

Children need the proper nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and proteins so their bodies and minds can function at the optimally. All these can be found eating a raw food diet. Research on eating habits of Jamaican families has shown that most of their dietary choices came from pre and post slavery culinary habits. Eating the scraps from the masters tables. This eating pattern has not served Jamaicans well over the decades and has lead to diabetes, hypertension, heart conditions and low IQ in children and host of childhood illness due to poor nutrition.

The Source Farm Foundation is working to educate our community about creating healthy eating habits utilizing the abundance of natural foods found locally and to offer another food preparation style…Eating Raw Foods.

Join us in establishing Raw Food Kids… Jamaica. This initiative is to educate children and their families about the importance of eating a Raw Food diet by conducting workshops with live demonstrations of raw food preparation. We need your help in making this Workshop a reality.

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