Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Body Ecology Diet - Improve Health and Vitality

The Body Ecology Diet was recommended to me by a friend who is a nutritionist and 
some of its principle elements were familiar to me. We've cut out processed foods and sugar from our diet. We use Kefir to get our probiotics and natural sweetener Stevia instead of artificial sweeteners.

Other elements of the Body Ecology Diet, such as the importance of creating an alkaline atmosphere in the body, I had heard of but never implemented in our diet.The Body Ecology Diet explains acid systems create many of our modern illnesses such as inflammation in the body. she also talks about the importance of food combining and the order to eat foods to improve digestion.
Since a healthy body begins with a healthy gut, our digestion is one of the most important aspects of improving any health condition or having great health and vitality. A healthy digestive system means food is properly digested and vital nutrients are absorbed. The probiotics of fermented vegetables and Kefir can help create that healthy gut we all need.

The Body Ecology Diet is written for those with Candida yeast overgrowth, a health concern affecting thousands. Due to eating excess sugar, processed foods and not enough fermented foods, and health veggies, Candida yeast overgrowth can cause weight gain, decreased energy and many other health problems.

Although I don't think I suffer from Candida yeast overgrowth, I did greatly benefit from the Diet, which improved my digestion and energy. It helped me lose a few pounds too! Although we were using Kefir, I added fermented veggies to our diet as well.

No matter what your health concern, or if you'd just like renewed energy, clearer skin, better digestion or to lose some weight, the Body Ecology Diet is worth investigating. The Body Ecology Diet Book explains why this diet is important in today's world, how to do the diet step by step and lots of delicious recipes to tempt your pallet. After all, if this way of eating isn't pleasurable, we couldn't easily stick to it and give up our chips, coke and candy.

You can purchase fermented vegetables at a local store such as whole foods and Kefir is available at many grocery stores, like Kroger. However, these products are very easy to make yourself and it will save you quite a bit of money to make your own.

I've been making my own Kefir for about a year for around 70 cents a quart with Body Ecology Kefir Starter. One box makes up to 42 gallons of Kefir! I keep it on hand to put into our morning smoothies so we can start our day with probiotics.

Although we are now adding raw sauerkraut to our dinner each night, so far it's commercial. I have ordered the Culture Starter by Body Ecology so when I make my first batch of fermented veggies, I'll write a post on how it worked out. Sauerkraut isn't just cabbage but cultured vegetables can be made of carrots, broccoli or other veggies.
If you purchase the newest version of the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates, you can go to the Body Ecology website, put in your Amazon order number and receive free gifts, including an audio on weightloss and one on detoxing, a pdf quick start guide to the Diet and a 25% off coupon for Body Ecology Products.

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